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三個步驟,令你成為你最喜歡的歌手 3 Steps to Sing Like Your Idol








Ever wanted THAT voice of your favourite singer? Well, it may not be a lofty dream!

Follow the three simple steps below to find your way to your dream voice - be it Adele's or Bruno Mars'!

1) Pick The Suitable Song

Start with a simple song where you can sing every note without stress. Pay attention to the vocal range of the song and make sure you can sing it comfortably.

2) Listening & Testing

Play the song line by line on your phone. Don't be impatient - start with a short line and play it for a few times before you sing along with it. The best mimickers are great at listening, so just open your ears and listen attentively.

3) Mimic The Details

As you replay each line, listen attentively to each note look for specific details (e.g. whether the singer use head or chest or mixed voice, how's the dynamics like, what word is stressed, what notes are sung smoothly and what notes are sung more roughly etc). Try to imitate those too. The more you can imitate each detail, the more you would sound like your favorite artist!

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