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五個影響歌聲的因素 5 Factors that Affect Your Singing Voice

1) 年齡


2) 音域


3) 中間位置


4) 音調


5) 聲音優勢


1) Age

Our vocal cords, throat, lips all help us to sing. As we age, our body changes and so does our voice.

2) Vocal Range

Vocal range refers to the distance between the highest and the lowest notes you can sing. Anyone can expand their vocal range through training.

3) Tessitura

Tessitura is the point within a range where singers can sing easily and comfortably. Usually tessitura makes up the most part of a song to help singers project more easily.

4) Vocal Tone

Everyone has his or her singing style. Sometimes we use "dark", "bright", "metal" to describe people's different tone colours.

5) Voice Strength

Your voice strength is what decides your voice type. If you voice strength is your middle voice, you're probably a bass or a mezzo. If you have a strong head voice, you're most probably a soprano or tenor.

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