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獨唱還是合唱? Singing Solo or in a Choir?



自己一個人的時候,自由度更加大。如何演繹歌曲,唱什麼歌曲,怎樣表達感情,都是由自己決定的。不在小組的時候,歌手也能有最適合自己的練習方法,專注練習,達到自己希望的目標。 合唱的好處 世界上有各式各樣的搖滾樂隊,而他們正正表達出合唱的好處。以一個組合來表演時,能訓練默契,促進合作及團隊精神。合唱還能令你結交一班志同道合的朋友,一起努力為目標奮鬥。

Is it better to learn to sing solo first or in a choir? To answer this questions, let's look at the benefits of both!

The Benefits of Singing Solo

When you sing solo, you are basically the boss! You get to make all sort of decisions based on your own preference and strengths - including what song you want to sing and how you was to sing it. You also get to choose songs that help you brush up certain singing techniques you are lacking.

The Benefits of Singing in a Choir

From rock to jazz to classical, there are multiple styles of singing groups that you can participate in. When you sing in a group or a choir, singing techniques are important but teamwork comes first. Success is not defined by how good the singing techniques of each person is, but how well they sound when they sing together.

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