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5步教你尋找歌聲!5 Steps to Discovering Your Voice!

1) 找到音域


2) 找到音域的中間位置


3) 找到風格


4) 不斷嘗試


5) 挑戰及增值自己


Step 1 – Find Your Vocal Range

Your vocal range refers to the distance between the highest and the lowest notes you can sing. To find your vocal range, try singing different notes progressively, from low notes to high notes. Try to find out the highest and lowest possible notes you can sing.

Step 2 – Find Your Tessitura

Your tessitura is made up of notes that you can sing very comfortably and powerfully. You can expand you tessitura through practice.

Step 3 – Finding Your Genre

Every good singer would choose genres that are suitable for their voice type. Say if a singer has a very nasal voice, he probably would choose country music. Choosing the right music genre is very important. No matter how well your singing techniques are, choosing the wrong music genre will not help you perform up to your highest level.

Step 4 – Test and Experiment

Try to sing in different ways, but under professional coaching. While it is good to experiment, you need a coach to guide you back on track when you are going off the right track.

Step 5 – Determine & Improve Your Perfect Singing Voice

While it is important to sing pitches correctly, melodies and the general flow is the heart and soul of any song. To perform a song well, a good voice is insufficient; you need to take care of various details to impress the audience.

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