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滿足觀眾的期望 Impressing your audience and fulfilling their expectations


Want to impress your audience when you sing? Well you first need to know your audience well! One important thing that all performers should pay attention is their eye contact and body movements. Step into the audience’ shoes - they pay for the tickets and expect to be pampered! Entertain them by interacting and communicating with them using gestures and contacts.

Think about what the audience wants when they enter that performance venue. They probably want to escape from their daily problems and hectic pace of life. They are probably looking for relaxation and enjoyment. So, rather than getting cold feet and feeling really anxious as you sing, think of yourself as a counsellor and a friend, taking your audience with you on a journey into another dimension. Ignite their passion and create soothing imageries in their minds. Make them forget the reality for the moment and de-stress in your music.

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