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做個好歌手(上篇)Be a Good Singer (Part 1)

(1) 找到自己的音域:音域是什麽?那是我們能唱的最高音和最低音之間的位置。衹要是在音域内的聲音,我們都能夠輕鬆唱出,不會感到不適或勉强。因此,要當個好歌手,我們首先要找出自己的音域。

(2) 用聲樂練習强化聲音:找到音域后要做的就是透過聲樂練習强化聲音。可以在唱歌前先開聲,做一些簡單的音階訓練,由低至高再回到低音,練習節奏,旋律,停頓等聲樂技巧。適當的聲樂練習可以在不傷害聲帶的同時,擴闊音域,提升唱歌技巧。 (3) 訓練聆聽能力:聆聽能力與唱歌能力同樣重要,除了聆聽自己的聲音外,你也應該多看看其他歌手的演出。不同風格的演出可以讓你掌握更多唱歌的技巧,增加感染力。多聆聽其他歌手的聲音并加以學習,可以讓你懂得怎樣在不同觀衆前演繹歌曲,有助你成爲一個好歌手。

(1) Discover your range. It is the range where you can sing comfortably (as if you're speaking) without shouting or yelling, or jumping to your falsetto voice.

(2) Do Vocal Exercises: Try ascending and descending scales. Practise with various rhythmic pattern, articulation (legato and staccato) and tempo. Vocal exercises are key to training our singing techniques and improving our tone quality.

(3) Improve Listening skills: Listen to many professional singers and many genres of songs. Understand what your audience would like to hear.

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