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唱出天籟之音 How to Sing Beautifully




雖然音質、力度、風格、對歌詞的了解、選擇適合你的音域等等都是唱歌重要的因素,但是只要節奏和音準沒有做好,你就難以被稱為一個好歌手了 。

There are many ways to determine whether a person sings well or not. In fact, if you can hit most notes correctly you shouldn't sound very bad. But no matter how well you do in other aspects if you don't do well in these two you will never sing well: 1. Rhythm - You must start and finish each phrase "on time". You must also get all the rhythms and beats accurate. If you fail to do so, it could be hard to even distinguish what song you are singing.

2. Pitch accuracy - If you are singing harmony, beware of intervals and make sure they are correct. While sound quality, energy, style, familiarity with the lyrics and the vocal range are all very important aspects in singing, pitch and rhythm accuracy come top of the list as the must-have for all professional singers.

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