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改善音準4大妙法 Four Tricks to Say Goodbye to Singing Out of Tone

如何避免唱歌音準不正確? 以下是小小貼士。



另外,在練歌的過程中錄音也是非常重要 的。錄音過後,你會更加清楚自己的優點和缺點。 如果你從未試過走進錄音室錄音,不妨來我們學校Sing and You上一個短期錄音室體驗課程 (查詢:2146-1188/ 9698-1248),透過錄音慢慢調節自己的唱歌方法,達致進步的效果。

第四,聲樂練習也對於我們的技術提升很有幫助。唱歌練習不單能鍛鍊我們的氣息,也能開闊我們的聲域,在過程中 幫助我們以正確的方法準確地唱出每一顆音符。

What can a novice singer do to solve the problem of singing off key? Here are a few tips to share with you.

First, listen more. If you want to learn a new song, listen to it several times, and let your heart remember the melody of the song too. We can also sing as we listen to the song, trust me, that is how everyone started singing in the first place.

Second, sing more. Sing along when you are listening to the song, and let yourself flow with the melody and rhythm. Do not be like your friends who do not have the courage to sing, or simply hum when you go to karaoke, simply because you think you sound bad. The more you avoid singing, the more you end up walking on a treadmill. So just set your voice free!

Third, record more. Record yourself singing, listen to the original version and your own version, then you can uncover notes that were sang off pitch and where to improve. If you have never done a professional recording, join our studio recording experience at Sing and You where you can witness yourself improve by listening to your own mistakes. Feel free to contact our staff to check for more details (Tel: 2146-1188, 9698-1248)

Fourth, sing scales with breath support. This is a point that I have summarized myself. This so-called scale consists of do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti and do, but all with the support of breath. Not only will singing with merely the voice make one tired after singing for a long time, but this is also a wrong way of singing. Apart from training for the right pitches, breathe support can also widen the singing range, and so can be useful for singing.

If you practice the above tricks, I believe that it would not be hard to say goodbye to singing out of tone soon. But of course it's always advisable to hear the advice from a personal vocal coach since each person's conditions are different. If you'd like to meet with our vocal coach and arrange for a vocal lesson, come contact us at Sing and You (+852 2146-1188/ +852 9698-1248). Good luck!

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