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唱歌應有的態度—自信 Developing Confidence in Singing




如果你對唱歌仍然抱有任何疑問,我建議你去上聲樂課程 (Sing and You 查詢:2146-1188/9698-1248),聽從專業聲樂導師的意見,這方法比你自己盲目緊張,迷失還要有效。總括而言,歌手練習唱歌時也應該同時鍛鍊自己的信心,才能掌握自信這個唱歌很重要的態度。

If you think singing is just about vocal techniques, you probably will never be a great singer. In fact there are many aspects that professional singers need to improve in - one in which many people overlook is confidence. Do you have confidence in singing? If not, the following tips are going to help you!

First, ask yourself - what do the audience want when they sit in a concert all? They probably want enjoyment and an opportunity to de-stress. If you want to help your audience de-stress, you must never get stressed yourselves because your audience are going to feel it and not be able to enjoy your performance.

Secondly, be open to comments and ready to listen to why certain audience do not like your performance. On the other hand, don't be shy to ask for your friends' encouragement before you step onto your stage! It surely will boost your stage confidence.

If you want to train up your stage confidence, you need plenty of stage opportunities. We at Sing and You can definitely help you in this regard too. Contact us today! 2146-1188/ 9698-1248

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