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怎樣選擇最合適的歌曲?How to Choose Songs that Suit You





Are you preparing for an audition or performance? Have you chosen your songs? Here are some tips on how to choosing a song that aces.

Your song choice can greatly affect your performance and your chance to win. To impress the judges, choose songs where you can show off your strengths and techniques. Do not choose songs that are too challenging though; make sure you can sing it at ease.

Another thing you should be mindful of is the content and style of the song. Make sure it matches with your character; otherwise it just won't look convincing to the judges.

With so much online resource available, singers should do their homework well by researching on various songs that might suit themselves before a competition. If you'd need help with choosing songs that can show your best, our professional singers are trained to help you achieve your objects with ease. (Enquiry/ Book a Lesson: 2146-1188 / 9698-1248 /

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