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唱歌有助心臟健康 Sing from and for your heart!

英國學者Professor Graham Welch研究唱歌如何有助身體健康30多年了,而他發現唱歌絕對有助人的心理和身理健康。唱歌是其中一種帶氧運動,可以促進血液循環和訓練上半身的肌肉。除此之外,唱歌也是其中一個減壓的方法,唱歌時,大腦會釋放出安多芬,然我們感到放鬆自在。在一個群體中唱歌時,人們更能感到團結,找到歸屬感。

We are always told to sing from our heart. Do you know we can also sing "for" our heart? After 30 years' of research the developmental and medical aspects of singing, Professor Graham Welch at the University of London found that singing indeed benefits us both physically and psychologically.

“Singing has physical benefits because it is an aerobic activity that increases oxygenation in the blood stream and exercises major muscle groups in the upper body, even when sitting. Singing has psychological benefits because of its normally positive effect in reducing stress levels through the action of the endocrine system which is linked to our sense of emotional well-being. Psychological benefits are also evident when people sing together as well as alone because of the increased sense of community, belonging and shared endeavour."

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