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好聲音的定義 On good singing

Have you ever shied away from singing on stage or in front of friends? Have you ever worried that your voice would sound bad? Worrying doesn't bring us to any success; let's learn to be a great singer together!

All singers should think about the following questions:

1. Which singers do you enjoy listening to?

2. Why do you like them? 3. Do you want to be like them and why?

4. What singers do your friends like?

5. Do you want your friends to enjoy listening to you sing? If they do not like your voice, how would you feel?

Different people would have different expectations and judgment about the sing voice, and even your vocal coach might not influence your definition of good singing. Hence singers should ponder about what good singing is to them and go for it.

Note to the above: But of course there are some undebatable and universally accepted truths about good singing - especially singing techniques. Consult a vocal coach today if you aren't sure what I'm talking about!









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