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中樂小知識:二胡 Chinese Instruments 101: Erhu

今天就為大家介紹中國二弦樂器 — 二胡。二胡是只有兩根弦和一把弓,再配合指法便能拉奏出不同音域的古式樂器。二胡是屬於高音域的樂器,更能模仿人的聲音如「冤枉」等。它在中樂團中是不可缺有的角色。

Erhu (二胡) is a Chinese intraditional bowed instrument. Erhu only has two stringed fiddles. It can be used in Western music, such as jazz, rock and pop, etc. what’s more, its sound can be really similar to our voice.

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