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中樂小知識:簫 Chinese Instruments 101: Xiao

今天要介紹的中樂樂器就是中國古老的樂器之一 - 簫。簫與笛子是十分不同的。雖然彼此都是吹奏樂器,而且外型亦是相近,但是兩者在音色、指法等多方面都是略有不同的。簡單來說就是簫是豎著吹;而笛子是橫著吹。早在魏晉時代,簫就已出現了。然而簫的歷史十分悠久,但在現代已是甚少有名曲出品。

Today I am going to introduce a Chinese traditional instrument called Xiao, which is a vertical end- blown flute. Although the appearance of Xiao and Dizi are quite similar, in fact they are totally different such as range,etc. To put it simply, Dizi is a horizontal blowed flute whereas Xiao is a vertical blowed flute.

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