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2月4日中國好聲音(少年版)試聲海選 China TV Show Audition

昨日SING AND YOU 很高興能夠與內地電視製作公司舉辦中國好聲音(少年版)的試聲海選。這次的機會難能可貴。相信在試音過程中,小朋友們會獲益良多。 在試音過程中,不單只是試音,還與小朋友溝通,希望可以更加了解小朋友的想法。溝通這環節是相當重要的,因為評判重視的不只是唱歌技巧,更重要的是小朋友的想法和態度。SING AND YOU 一直致力培養學生的自信,除了希望教導學生學生唱歌技巧,更希望可以透過唱歌這興趣能夠培養學生正確處事態度。不少小朋友都能與評判好好溝通,當中的答法更是天真爛漫、天馬行空。這就是小朋友該有的特質。當然,也有小朋友面對評判時,表現緊張。但相信這是對他們一次寶貴的經驗。 這類的試音活動的機會仍會陸續有來。SING AND YOU亦會做足預備工作,讓家長和子女在語言及臨時應對上會有充分準備。 如果你也希望子女能在快樂和鼓勵中學習唱歌,參與不同大型海選及試音,歡迎你致電或Whatsapp熱線 9698-1148 與我們聯絡,透過個人及小組課程提升唱歌技巧及表現力。


Yesterday we were grateful for the overseas audition opportunity offered by a Mainland TV Production Company to Sing and You students. The opportunity was precious. We believe that our kids have all learnt a lot during the preparation and the audition.

The audition was not just about finding the right voices for the TV show. More importantly, the objective was to communicate with kids, understanding how they think and their attitude. Over the past years Sing and You has been dedicated to nurturing students' confidence; apart from singing techniques, we are big about teaching children the right attitude towards life through singing. Many of our kids were able to communicate with the judge yesterday; some of their answers were creative and out of this world! This is the unique characteristic of every kid. Of course there were also kids who were less confident when they faced the judge and strangers, but we are sure that the experience was equally educational and beneficial to them.

There will be more audition opportunities coming. Our team at Sing and You will do our best to prepare every kid for the coming auditions, including their ability to communicate with judges.

If you would like your kid to learn singing in a happy and encouraging environment, preparing them for various competitions and auditions, give us a call or Whatsapp at 9698-1248.


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