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Singing is good for children’s brain development 唱歌有利兒童腦部發展


Benefits of Singing for children - Singing is good for children’s brain development

Children start to touch music and singing since they were born. Whether the lullaby by their parents every night, or the theme songs of different cartoons, they still keep in touch in different ways. In fact, SINGING has thousand million benefits for children.

Conducive to brain development is one of them:

  • When kids are singing, actually their brain is completing many tasks on the same time. It is really helpful for developing their faculty of memory : from remembering the beat to the lyrics to the tone, their brain keep learning to handle more and more tasks at once ;

  • When kids are singing, it helps brain to get more oxygen due to deep breathing ;

  • Kids can learn how to handle opposites things, such as : from allegro (fast) to adagio (slow) and from fortissimo to pianissimo.Kids can learn how to handle the opposite tasks;

  • Learning singing can develop kids’ creativity and their imagination.

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兒童唱歌的好處 - 唱歌有利兒童腦部發展


幫助兒童大腦發展就是其中一個 :

  • 在孩子唱歌的時候,大腦會同時進行多個任務的。這有利小朋友在記憶力方面的發展,因為小朋友從記歌詞到記節拍,小孩的大腦其實是一直在學習如何同時多個任務 ;

  • 當小朋友唱歌時,需要一次又一次的深呼吸,這樣有助大腦吸入更多的氧氣 ;

  • 小朋友可以透過唱歌學習控制處理對立的事物:從快板到慢板、從大聲到細聲等,從而學習處理對立的任務 ;

  • 學習唱歌有助孩子發揮創意和想像力。

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