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Tips that bring you closer to your dream, and help you to get a world-class voice! (Vocal Part) 令你更接

#3 Singing Tip : DRINK MORE WATER.

If your throat is dry, it will seriously affect your performance. Look at the live performances of professional singers, many of them will drink at least to once on their stage because keeping well hydrated of your body can help you to have better control of your vocal cords. Not to mention drinking plenty of water there are also many other health benefits. You really need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, so now go to drink it!

#4 Singing Tip : LISTEN TO YOURSELF.

When you sing, you hear someone who is around you is different; sometimes the difference is much more than you might think!Trying to record when you sing yourself can help you evaluate your performance from a different perspective. You can keep your videos according to your needs, so you can know more about where you are doing well and where you happen to happen or need to be improved.

When you start training, recording your voice can also be a good tool for pushing yourself, especially if you are nobody to criticize you. You can do one thing: record a song you want to do it well. Record a new version regularly to record your progress, such as daily or weekly. So when you start to be a professional, you can listen to your old recording and see how much progress you have made.

#3 Singing Tip : 保持身體的水份

如果你的喉嚨乾燥是會嚴重影響你的表現的。 看看那些專業歌手的現場演出,他們當中有許多歌手都會在舞台上至少要喝一次水,因為保持身體水分有助他們可以更好地控制聲帶。 更不用說喝大量的水也有許多對身體的益處。 所以你真的每天至少需要飲8杯水,現在就去喝吧!

#4 Singing Tip : 聽聽自己的聲音

當你唱歌時,你所聽到的跟你身邊的人所聽到的是不同的;有時候當中的差異比你想像的可能還要得多!多嘗試在自己唱歌時錄音,可以幫助你從不同的角度評估自己的表現。 你可以根據自己的需要不停播放自己的錄音,這樣有助你更準確了解自己做得好的地方,以及你偶然發生的錯誤或需要改進的地方。

當你開始練習唱歌時,錄製你的聲音也可以是一個很好推動自己的工具,尤其是如果你是沒有人去批評你。 你可以做一件事:記錄一首你自己想要做得好的歌曲。 定期錄製一個新的版本來記錄你的進度,例如每天或每週。 這樣,當你開始成為一個專業歌手一樣時,你可以聽聽你的舊錄音,看看你到底有多大進步。

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