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Tips that bring you closer to your dream, and help you to get a world-class voice! (Singer Part) 令你更

#4 Singer Tip : QUIT SMOKING

While many smokers may not think that giving up smoking is their choice, but at least worthy of your consideration. Smoking will hurt your voice in many of ways. First, it damages your vocal cords. Cigarettes smoke with high temperature will make your vocal cords dry, therefore it will make you sing difficult to smooth. Smokers also have a greater risk of suffering from laryngitis and other diseases that are not conducive to singer.

Smoking caused by lung damage also damage your ability to sing. Good lung function can give singer greater strength, better endurance, and have more vocal agility. Smoking can weaken the lungs and reduce their ability to reduce the power of your vocal cords.


These drinks will make you dehydrate, making you more difficult to pronounce correctly. But you do not have to give up all of them completely; just avoid always drinking, or drink before you enter the stage. If you do, it is not impossible to perform, just please drink a lot of water to discharge coffee and alcohol from your body to keep your well hydrated.

#4 Singer Tip : 遠離吸煙

雖然許多吸煙者可能不認為戒菸是他們的選擇,但至少值得你考慮。 吸煙會以多種方式傷害您的聲音。 首先,它損害你的聲帶。 香煙的煙霧帶有高溫,會令你的聲帶乾燥,使你唱歌時難以順利。 吸煙者也有較大的風險患上喉炎等不利於歌手的疾病。

吸煙造成的肺部損傷同時也會損害你唱歌的能力。 良好的肺功能可以給歌手更大的力量,更好的持耐力,並具有更多的聲樂敏捷性。 吸煙會削弱肺部並降低其能力,減少你聲帶的力量。

#5 Singer Tip : 避免咖啡和酒精

這些飲料會使您脫水,使你更難發音正確。但你不必完全放棄; 只是避免過度飲用,或者在你進入舞台之前飲用。 如果你喝酒或喝咖啡,並非不可以表演,請你喝了大量的水以排出身體中的咖啡和酒精,以保持自己的水分。

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