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Tips that bring you closer to your dream, and help you to get a world-class voice! (Practice part) (


If you already know how to play musical instruments, then you can try singing at the time of you playing. If you don’t, but willing to give some time and exertion, then you can try to pick one up. Even if a simple percussion instrument, such as tambourine, or even just snapping your fingers. Accompaniment can help you practice rhythms and tones because if you and your instrument are non-harmonic tones, you will know that you need to tune. You can also jam with a friend who can play an instrument, you sing when he plays, or you can sing along with a CD or a music tape.

After these tips, do you also cannot wait for getting a world-class voice? But anyway, what you need most is a vocal teacher who really helps you and understands what you need. Of course, hard-work and regular practice is also an indispensable item. Don’t care about what you pay today, think about what you get tomorrow that you are singing on the international stage.

#6 Practice Tip : 用樂器練習

如果你已經懂得演奏樂器,那麼你一定會考慮在演奏時唱歌。 如果你不懂玩任何樂器,卻願意給予一些時間和精力,那麼你可以嘗試學習一個樂器。 即使簡單的敲擊樂器,如鈴鼓/搖鼓(Tambourine)也可以,甚至只是打嚮拍。用伴奏唱歌幫助你練習節奏和音調,因為如果你和你的樂器的音調不協調時,你就會知道你需要調音。 你也可以請一個玩樂器的朋友與你合唱,你唱歌時他演奏,又或者你可以跟著CD或錄音帶唱歌。


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