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What Age Should Children Start Learning Music ? (Part 1) 小朋友應該從什麼時侯開始學習音樂呢?( Part 1)

We have heard stories of some famous musical geniuses, such as Mozart wrote his first symphony when he was eight. Even if your child did not work with the New York Philharmonic or Chicago Symphony at age eleven (the violinist Midori and Herbie Hancock respectively), there is no doubt that you need to show your child's talent to the world. Whether the church's pre-school choir or primary school band concert, if parents want to let them succeed, they have to let their children contact music from birth, and in some way, they are right.

Many parents are often affected by other parents, hear their appeals and postpone the children's music course until their children grow up. For example, "My parents are compelling me to play an instrument when I was young ... I hate it and still hate it now." In order to avoid this negative attitude, parents will choose to delay the music class until the child is older and can choose their interested instrument. To a certain extent, they are also right. But that may seems to be somewhat contradictory. In fact, the question just is how do you define the music course. In order to better understand this, it is important to understand why parents want their children to have music lessons.

There was a research found that from birth to nine years old is the best time for children to develop their music talent. During this period, kid is developing and understanding music and its related knowledge, structure and mechanism of the main stages, so children in this age contact music is essential.

The most important question is when to start learning music? But what is the purpose the young kids’ music course? For example, although those very young children can not use the controller to control them, you want them to begin to accumulate experience and learn to develop a close relationship with the music. If this is your goal, then the child's "course" can, or should be in the first year after they were born.

And these "courses" are not necessarily the real course. In fact, at first, there may be some informal courses. Parents can bring their children into the music environment as a guide, you can through some simple activities to help your children pay attention to music, such as playing music games, let the children singing with the music, holding the baby swing or dance, or singing or playing the instrument for the children.

我們都聽過一些著名音樂天才的故事,例如︰莫扎特在八歲時就寫了他的第一首交響曲。即使你的孩子在十一歲時沒有與紐約愛樂管絃樂團(New York Philharmonic)或Chicago Symphony 合作(分別是小提琴手Midori和Herbie Hancock),但無疑的是你需要將孩子的才華展露於世人的眼中。 無論是教會的學前合唱團還是小學的樂隊演唱會,父母們如果想讓他們成功,必須讓孩子們從出生開始接觸音樂,某程度上他們是正確的。





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