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What Age Should Children Start Learning Music ? (Part2) 小朋友應該從什麼時侯開始學習音樂呢?( Part 2)

Once the child is at age of three, it is time to need a more formalized "course". Of course, the goal also is not to learn to play musical instruments or sing very professional, should be to develop music skills, such as identifying the rhythm of the music, recognizing melodies or recognizing musical instruments. There are countless parent-child courses that are run by individuals, universities or community centers. To determine whether the classroom is suitable for your child, you need to make sure that the teacher’s and your goals and expectations are on the same line.

At age of five, most children have established a certain music base, and ready to accept some formal music courses. Even at this moment, the goal of the music course should not be a great performer in performance but should be the better understanding of music. Piano and violin are the two most common instruments played in this age, but other instruments can also be tried, such as ukulele or vocal.

At age of ten, the child will have different associated skills to choose their instrument. They will have more power (physical) to try some of the larger instruments, such as the Sousaphone or trombone, these instruments need more power and endurance. The children’s music course during this time, its goal should transfer their gained music experience into the improvement of their performance ability.

In general, there are three answers to the question —"What age should children start learning music?"︰ informal music activities that begin soon after birth, followed by a more systematic formal course over three years old, and class, that its goal is learning vocal or instrument, should start from six to nine. But remember that these are just guidelines; the actual effect is undoubtedly based on the situation of the child and the teacher. A child's musical experience is vital to the child's future development. Just like learning to ride a bike or learning a language, just these skills can be learned in your future life, but your future will not teach you a musical skill, however, these musical skills is very important for the smooth music performance.


在五歲的時侯,大多數孩子已經建立了一定的音樂基礎,可以準備接受一些正式的音樂課程。即使是在這個時刻,音樂課程的目標都不應該是成為一個在表演上的偉大表演者,而應該是進一步了解音樂。鋼琴和小提琴是在這個年齡段演奏的兩種最常見的樂器,但其他樂器也可以嘗試了一下,例如︰烏克麗麗 (ukulele)甚至是聲樂。



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