Vocal Knowledge– The Different Singing Voice Types 聲樂小知識– 不同種類的音域

Someone has asked, what part of singing voice is the most important ? High, low or mid pitch?

In any case, we must recognize the different sound field first , and what is the difference between them?

Although there are many identifiable terms such as Alto, Contralto and Baritone, and other terms that apply to the opera world, to keep it simple, we will classify by the four basic categories:

Soprano:Refers to an adult female singer who can sings the highest frequency of voice can be achieved, usually from the middle C to rise two octaves (C4-C6),and has the highest vocal range of all singing vocal. Among soprano, can also according to tone, sound area and other characteristics and then divided into: Coloratura soprano (The highest sound, can sing a very high tremolo), lyric soprano (sound higher, coherent fluency, the sound of the sound), and dramatic soprano (voice lower but with strength) ,etc..

Alto:Refers to an adult female vocalist who can sings the range (pitch) from A3 (A below the middle C) to A5 ( two octaves higher) . She is the lowest voice in the female part, although the sound is not as loud as the soprano, the sound quality is strong, solid, stable, sound area is relatively low.

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Tenor:Refers to an adult male vocalist who can sings the range (pitch) from C3 ,that one octave below middle C,to A4. Among tenor, can also according to tone, sound area and other characteristics and then divided into: Lirico-Leggero tenor, lyric tenor, heldentenor and dramatic, etc.

Bass:Refers to an adult male vocalist who can sings the range (pitch) from E2, that second below middle C, to E4( two octaves higher), and he is the lowesr voice in male part.

Now we know the four basic singing voice, which one is yours? You don’t know? Ask your vocal teacher.

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曾經有人問過,到底哪種音域 / 音部的是最重要性呢?高音,低音還是中音呢?



女高音(Soprano):指音域能達到的聲音頻率最高(通常從中央C往上升二個八度的C4-C6)的成年女歌唱家。當中,也可按音色、音區等不同特點再細分為:花腔女高音(Coloratura soprano)(聲音最高,能唱出相當高的顫音)、抒情女高音(lyric soprano)(聲音較高,連貫流暢)和戲劇女高音(dramatic soprano)(聲音較低但有力度)等。


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男高音(Tenor):指音域從C下一個八度的C3上升至A4的男歌唱家。當中,他們也可按音質、音色、音區等不同特點再細分為:抒情花腔男高音(lirico-Leggero tenor)、抒情男高音(lyric tenor)、英雄男高音(heldentenor)和戲劇男高音(dramatic tenor)等。

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