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Every kid is unique, Even teach them sing 係呢個世界每個小朋友都係獨一無二既



我地Sing and You一班專業既聲樂導師會按照小朋友不同既需要同喜好


快啲聯絡我地Sing and You 9698-1248 預約試堂,為孩子搵出最啱佢地唱歌方式!

預約試堂 Book A Trial

Tel : 2146-1188 (灣仔校舍) / 3102-0603 (奧運校舍)

Whatsapp : 9698-1248

預約試堂 : 9698-1248

Every kid is unique. Even teach them sing. Our professional vocal teacher will according to kids’ need and preferences

To provide the most suitable way of singing and song.

Contact us 9698-1248 for Trial Class , Find the best singing way for your kid !!!

預約試堂 Book A Trial

Tel : 2146-1188 (WanChai Campus) / 3102-0603 (Olympian Campus)

Whatsapp : 9698-1248

Booking Trail Class : 9698-1248

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