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參加我地Sing and You 合唱團 Join Sing and You Choir

參加我地Sing and You 合唱團

除咗可以接受Sing and You 既專業歌唱老師教導外


快啲聯絡我地Sing and You 9698-1248 預約試堂,讓孩子同我地一齊唱歌啦!!!

預約試堂 Book A Trial

Tel : 2146-1188 (灣仔校舍) / 3102-0603 (奧運校舍)

Whatsapp : 9698-1248

預約試堂 : 9698-1248 預約試堂 Book A Trial

Join Sing and You Choir

Except accepting professional advising from Sing and You’s vocal teacher,

Kids also have a lot of chance to show off.

Contact us 9698-1248 for Trial Class , Let kid sing with us !!!

預約試堂 Book A Trial

Tel : 2146-1188 (WanChai Campus) / 3102-0603 (Olympian Campus)

Whatsapp : 9698-1248

Booking Trail Class : 9698-1248

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