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你的唱歌風格是甚麼呢? What is your Contemporary singing style?



要找到你的唱歌風格的第一個線索可以是取決於你最喜歡的音樂類型。 你喜歡古典,靈魂,爵士樂,藍調,鄉村,民俗,搖滾還是流行呢?



當我們說現代風格的歌聲時,我們指的是那些在古典和合唱領域之外的類型。 以下是4種最常見的列表:


>靈魂樂(英語:Soul music,又稱騷靈樂、騷靈音樂),是1950年代發源自美國的一種結合了節奏藍調和福音音樂的音樂流派。緊扣節奏、拍掌、即興的肢體動作,是其重要特征。此外,獨唱与伴唱之間的交流對唱、特别緊繃的發聲,也是其主要特色。


>搖滾,動力、激情、耐力是組成一個偉大搖滾歌手的關鍵部分。 有人可以會發現,搖滾和藍調其實在某些方面上有相似的地方,你不用驚訝的,某程度上搖滾可以稱為藍調的產物,當藍調拍子變得更重, 舞蹈變得更有節奏,音樂就開始“搖滾”起來 – 而搖滾樂就此誕生了!搖滾樂過去的發展一直趨向更粗糙、更尖銳,但現在搖滾樂的唱歌聲樂技巧與任何其他類型的唱歌風格一樣變得更多樣化。

What is your singing style?

Do you know your own singing style? If you are not clear, it is better to look at what are we going to introduce four kinds of contemporary singing style, and then decide your own singing style !

The first clue to finding your singing style can be depending on your favorite type of music. Do you like classical, soul, jazz, blues, country, folklore, rock or popular?

Although the singing style has many levels and changes, but today we will introduce four contemporary singing style to help you find your own unique singing style.

Contemporary singing style

When we say the contemporary singing style, we refer to those types that outside of the classical and choru.. There are the 4 most common types:

> Jazz, originated in the late 19th century to the early 20th century in African-American community at New Orleans, United States. It develop by blues, Ragtime music and the European military music.

> Soul music, originated in the United States in 1950s, is a combination of rhythmic blues and gospel music. Close the rhythm, clap, impromptu body movements, are its important feature. In addition, solo and duet accompaniment, tight voice, are also its main features.

> Country music, like other music genres, country music is constantly changing. Country music originated in traditional folk and cowboy songs mixed with European music instruments and sounds, such as Irish and Celtic folk tunes. The style of the country singer is to sing their story. In essence, is a way of singing to sing your feelings and stories.

> Rock, power, passion, endurance are key part to a well rock singer. Someone can find that rock and blues are similar in some respects, you don’t have to be surprised, actually rock can be called the product of blues, when the blues beats become heavier, the dance becomes more rhythmic, The music began to "rock" - and rock and roll was born! In the past, the development of singing roll music had been tighter and sharper, but now rock singing are becoming more diverse as any other types.

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