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讓孩子學習音樂的好處 (二) The Benefits of Learning Music (Part 2)

讓孩子學習音樂的好處 (二)

#3. 增強孩子的IQ

令人驚訝的是,在一年級獲得音樂課的孩子的平均智商比其他兩組的高出三個智商點。參加 戲劇課的小朋友的智商並不如参加音樂班的小朋友般增加,可見戲劇在於兒童智商的幫助方面稍微落後於音樂。

#4. 大腦的運作


The Benefits of Learning Music (Part 2)

#3. Increased IQ

Surprisingly, the average IQ of children who gained music lessons in the first grade was three IQ points higher than the other two. Children who participate in the drama class are not as good as the children who participate in the music class, It can clearly be seen the drama is that the help of children's IQ is slightly behind the music.

#4. The Brain Works Harder

students, who have received music teaching, have improved their ability to distinguish sounds and perform fine motor skills. Their brain scans also show changes in the brain network associated with these abilities.

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