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唱歌對孩子的益處 The Benefits of Singing to Children


大多數孩子都是在2歲至3歲的時候唱一些簡單的歌曲,從而被吸引到音樂之中。其實孩子在很早的時期, 就開始接觸唱歌,在嬰兒或幼兒時期不少的父母都會使用歌聲來娛樂或平息孩子的哭鬧。事實上,音樂刺激孩子體內的內啡肽(endorphin),令身體產生感覺良好的天然激素。 你還可以使用歌唱來撫慰你的孩子,鼓勵他的演講和語言發展以及作為教學工具。

3. 唱歌有助發展其語言能力

唱歌幫助孩子發展自己的語言和溝通能力。很多時候一個小孩在學會唱歌後,才會說話。通過唱歌,孩子學會協調嘴唇和舌頭的運動,這有助於他更清楚地說話。 當他們唱歌的時候,孩子可以學習說話,這有助於建立自己的詞彙。就好像講故事一樣,以唱歌的形式鼓勵孩子的創造力和自我表達。此外,唱歌有助於建立孩子的記憶力,發展自己的專注力,並教他如何聆聽。

Most children sing some simple songs at the age of 2 to 3, and are attracted to music. In fact, children began to contact singing in a very early period, in the baby or infant period, many parents will use the song to entertain or appease the toddlers’ crying. In fact, music stimulates the child's endorphin, so that the body will produce a natural hormones of good feeling. You can also use singing to soothe your child, encourage his language development and be the teaching tool.

3. Singing develop childen’s language and communication skills

Singing can help children to develop their own language and communication skills. after kid learns to sing, he speaks. By singing, children learn to coordinate the movements of their lip and tongue, which help them speak more clearly. When they sing, children can learn how to speak, which help to build their own vocabulary book. Just like telling story, children develop their creativity and self-expression by singing. In addition, singing helps to build kids’ memory, develop their concentration skills, and teach them how to listen.

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