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唱歌你必須知道的重要事情 Important Things About Singing


#1 Breathing

這聽起來很奇怪,但這好像是幾乎每個在音樂行業中的人都會出現的錯誤。這是我們在觀看電視節目甚至聽CD時最常見的評論。 是的,你甚至可以用錄音中的呼吸來判斷。所以,你的呼吸非常重要的。現在有幾點要帶著你:當你呼吸時不要用肩膀。從你的腸道呼吸。吸氣時,不要將胸部推出,而是推開肚子。通過你的鼻子吸氣。我知道這聽起來像很普通的事情,但你會驚訝於他們對你的好處。

Important Things About Singing

#1 Breathing

This sounds weird, but it seems like the mistake that a lot of people make in the music industry. This is the most common comment we've seen on TV shows and even CDs. Sure, you can even judge by the breath in the recording. So, your breath is very important. There are a few points for you now: do NOT use your shoulders when you breathe. Breath from your gut. When you inhale, do not push the chest, but push the stomach. Inhale through your nose. I know it sounds like a normal thing, but you will be surprised what they bring to you.

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