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Singing Advice #1 學習音樂,成為音樂家 Learning Music and Be the Musician

Singing Advice #1 學習音樂,成為音樂家

第一個忠告是來自一位歌唱家的,而這個建議更是來自她身為古典音樂家的媽媽。當她在為一個搖滾樂隊寫歌時,她再次得到了這個建議。 在幾次犯錯之後,她意識到她需要去音樂學校,填補所有缺失的音樂理論等音樂知識。 在那裡,她遇到了最驚人的音樂家,這些音樂家和歌唱家再次向她強調這個建議。 雖然她過了一段時間她才能真正明白這個建議,但她很高興她走了這條路(去音樂學校學習),而且並沒有因而聲音僵硬。 她經常說如如果她沒有做這個決定,她一直很遺憾。 所以如果是你,不要再等待,音樂永遠不會消失。 你需要在死之前做一些你喜歡的好事情。

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Singing Advice#1 Learning Music and Be the Musician

The first advice came from a singer, and this suggestion was came from her mother who was a classical musician. When she was writing for a rock band, she got the advice again. After several mistakes, she realized that she needed to go to the music school, to fill all the missing music theory and other music knowledge. In the music school, she met the most amazing musicians, and the musicians and singers stressed to her once again. Although she had been able to really understand this advice for some time, she was glad that she had gone on this way (to study at the music school).She always said that if she did not make this decision, she has been very regret. So if it is you, do not wait, the music will never disappear. You need to do some good things you like before you die.

預約試堂 Book A Trial

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