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唱歌你必須知道的重要事情 3 Important Things About Singing 3

唱歌你必須知道的重要事情 3

#3 熱情


Important Things About Singing 3

#3 Passion

The most important arsenal in the singer’s belt. If you do not have this emotion, then what is the point in having lyrics. Although some singers do not have a wonderful voice, you can always feel the emotion! Of course, if you are the composer, it's easier to express that emotion through your song, but if you do not, you can still convey that feeling to your audience. If you have sung what you wrote, please go back to the time that you wrote. What is the feeling of guiding you to put these words on paper? Let people to feel it through your performance. If you do not write song, you can read the lyrics until they are deeply imprinted on your memory. When you sing, you do not have to worry about forgetting the lyrics, because you have impressed the lyrics deeply in your memory, right? Most importantly, whether you write the lyrics or not, let the lyrics be part of you.

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