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唱歌加強免疫系統 Singing strengthens the immune system


唱歌有利提高免疫系統。專業合唱團成員的血液在一個小時的排練之前和之後的分別。在大多數的情況下,免疫系統中作為抗體功能的蛋白質(稱為Immunoglobulin A)的數量在排練後立即顯著升高。可是,合唱團成員被動地聽音樂後,沒有觀察到同樣的增加。

Singing strengthens the immune system:

Singing helps raising the immune system. The blood of professional choir members before and after the one-hour rehearsal. The number of proteins that function as antibodies in the immune system, called Immunoglobulin A, increased dramatically immediately after rehearsal. However, did not observe the same increase after the choir members listened passively to music.

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