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What makes you have a "good" voice? 是什麼讓你有一把“好”聲音呢?

What makes you have a "good" voice?

We all instinctively separate a good voice from a bad voice. After you've probably heard of amateur singers you might think, "Wow, they really can not sing!" But what is it we’re reacting to?

More importantly, how can people change their singing voice to sound good?

Here are 16 good singing features:

# 1 Singers with a good voice have strong vocal control.

Of course, "can they control their own voice?" This is one of the most important factors for whether is a good singer or not.

Having good sound control means keeping the sound level. That is, whether the singer can sing the pitch of the note exactly, without a bit of sharp (♯) or flat (♭). This also means that you should not sing the wrong tone and pitch.

A singer with good vocal control can sing every clear and accurate note in the melody for the intended musical effect in the harmony. They can also handle note leaps accurately, not jumping too far or not far enough in pitch.





#1 聲音好的歌手聲音控制力會強。



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