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How to deal with stage fright?

How to deal with stage fright?


If you have stage fright, you don’t need to worry because you are not the only one to have this symptom. Many performers also feel scared before on show, some will even feel sick. Actually, stage fright is not really a bad performance because it represents the performers are care about the show. However, extreme stage fright may affect the performance so there are some ways to solve this problem below.

First of all, the most effective way is to have regular performance. This may seem impossible for children, but actually, we can invite parents or friends to be our audience. To invite them to sit down and hold a mini concert. If mistakes are made, keep going because it is a good training. Sometimes, children may even need to face some sudden situation by improvising. When a show is done, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. If your singing teacher hold some concerts or competitions, you must grab the chance to take part in it in order to gain more experiences.

Secondly, the way to solve the problem is to have as many practices as you can to make sure you are very familiar with the songs. Even though there is accident, it is still easy to keep the performance going. Performers can even memorize the pieces so they will not forget the lyrics easily.

Lastly, remember to have sufficient rest before on show, for example a 30 minutes break or nap. This helps us to be focus. Before official starts, give yourself some crucial reminders and go through the whole performance once in your brain.

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首先,最有效解決的辦法就是有定期的演出。可能對一般小朋友來說,這並不太可能, 但實際上,可以找父母或者朋友當我們的觀眾,邀請他們坐在椅子上,舉行一場小型的音樂會。如果中途有出錯,繼續唱下去, 這會是個很好的訓練。有時候,甚至需要即場發揮去面對突如其來的情況。當一場表演完成,你會感到很大的成功和滿足感。如果你的歌唱老師舉行音樂會或比賽,一定要把握機會參加,爭取更多機會吸收經驗。




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