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The most important thing in singing—Breathing 唱歌中最重要的事情——呼吸

The most important thing in singing——Breathing


Breathing is very important towards singing. Breathing is much more than openings one mouth and taking a lung-full of air, but to fill the lungs from the bottom up. Continue to inhale and feels the lungs expand from the bottom onwards. When first start to inhale, count from one to ten and hold the breath for a second. Then, exhale over a count of twenty at the same rate. We may not manage twenty at first but after practices, we can do it. Some people can even keep it for thirty.

Breathing exercise is not a must to do at home. When we are walking, we can also practise. Breath and count for the same and breathe out over twice. This exercise will be much more challenging then standing still.

Except standing on the ground to have breathing exercise, there are also other postures to practise. For example, sitting on a chair or lying against a wall. Breathe in deeply, filling from the bottom as usual. Expand the lungs as if pushing against the wall or chair.

Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :




Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :

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