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Practices singing without hours of practices every week 不用每天練習多個小時,便能進步唱歌技巧

Practices singing without hours of practices every week

If we want to improve in singing, of course the more we practice and have lessons, the more we will improve. However, if we really very busy and do not have time to practice, is it mean that our singing skills will not be improved? Only if we are willing to spend 7 minutes every day, we can see dramatic improvements too.

Firstly, we use ‘Ah’ to sing Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So. Then after finishing the upward scale, we use this 5 notes to sing a downward scale So-Fa-Mi-Re-Do. Sing this 5 notes scale up and down for two times, we can continue by starting the exercise a bit higher until we cannot reach the key.

Then, use ‘E’, ‘Eh’ and ‘O' to sing. Remember to open wide our mouth just like we are yawning. When we are more familiar with this exercise, we need to pay attention to the sound quality. We cannot use our throat to produce voices like screaming, Instead, we should feel the vibration and put the sound in the forehead.

If you can handle this exercise, your voice will be much brighter and louder and easier to produce sound.


首先,用 ‘啊’ 去唱 Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So 五個音。向上音階完成後,把這五個音唱成向下音階 So-Fa-Mi-Re-Do。 連續把這個上下音階唱兩次,之後不斷提高音調,重複這個練習,直至去到一個你不能達到的音域。

接著,用 ‘一 ’ 、‘哦’、‘鵝’ 的音去唱。記得要張開嘴巴去唱,好像在打呵欠一樣。當這個練習愈來愈熟悉,就要留心我們發音的質素。我們不能用喉嚨發聲,好像在大叫,而是感受聲音的震動,把發聲的地方放在額頭。


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