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Tips for Sing Better

Tips for Sing Better


I believe everyone will hope to sing great songs, the followings are three tips for improving your performance and bringing a more intriguing show to audience.

Firstly, there must be confidence in singing. If ourselves don’t believe in our own strength, others even cannot feel it. We must have a hunger to express ourselves and bring the message to listeners. A confident sound contains a rich, ringing, and well-projected tone. If we want to be confident, we have to give ourselves encouragement, for example telling ourselves our voice is unique and it is only one-of-a-kind. Suitable encouragement is an important aspect.

Secondly, we have to open our mouths to sing because if our mouths are only barely open, our singing tone will remain suppressed or hidden-sounding. We must create enough space for the sound to come out. We can face the mirror and practise usually to ensure our mouth remains opened in the whole song.

Thirdly, we have to choose some songs within our comfortable range. Some people are better to control high notes while someone are better for low pitch. When we know our range, we have to follow it every time to let ourselves sing more relaxingly and easily. If there are some songs you really want to sing but it is too high pitch, we can try to transpose it down first, then sing.





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