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Audition Advice #1

Audition Advice #1

試唱面試建議 #1

Having a successful singing audition could be a springboard to achieve your dream as a superstar, or just being a part of a band, choir or musical production. However, turning up for audition totally unprepared would only set yourself to failure. Hence, the only way to increase your chance of being selected is to make yourself well prepared with the following tips!

1. Knowing what you are committing to

Some auditions such as groups/shows/competition would require more practice than the others. Say for instance, a local choir usually meets one evening a week, and if you can make some more extra practice, that would be great. To give another example, if you are auditioning for a TV talent show, the practice could take you up for several months, meaning that you will have to devote more time for rehearsals. Your chances of being selected would greatly improve if you are always available for practice, as the director would like someone who is reliable.

2. Select the right song

It could be difficult to choose an audition song. Therefore, when it comes to picking a good song for audition, it is very important to always choose a song that suits the genre of what you are auditioning for and make you outstanding. Your song should neither be too easy nor hard. Most importantly, always prepare a back up song in case you are asked to sing something else as well. If there are several rounds for your audition, remember to reserve to better songs you have prepared for later in the selection process. Make sure you remember the lyrics and sing it out by heart.

成功的唱歌試鏡固然可以成為實現超級明星夢想的跳板,又或者只是樂隊,合唱團或音樂製作的一部分。 然而,在完全沒有準備好的情況下試鏡只會讓自己失敗。 因此,為了增加被選中機會,唯一方法就是通過以下提示做好充分的準備!

1. 知道你決心從事的事

一些試鏡如團體/表演/比賽會比其他試鏡需要更多的練習。 比方說,一個地方合唱團通常會於每週晚上集合練習,如果你可以做一些額外的練習,那就更好。 再舉一個例子,如果你正在為電視選秀節目試鏡,需要的練習時間可能會長達幾個月,這意味著你將不得不投入更多的時間進行排練。如果你總是可以練習,你被選中的機會會大大提高,因為導演會想要一個可靠的人。

2. 選擇適合的歌曲


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