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How to deal with stage fright #1

How to deal with stage fright #1


Overcoming Stage Fright

It is very normal to have stage fright even though you have already practiced a lot on stage. So how can you overcome stage fright? No worries! Here are some tips for you !

1. Breath when you feel nervous

Breathing is very important. It is your nature to start breathing faster when you feel anxious. Yet, if you don’t get to control your breath, you will probably start your songs sounding squeaky and breathless. Therefore, before you sing, concentrate for a few minutes and take deep breaths to make yourself calm. Remember to smile as you take your place, but keep breathing! As the music starts, count your breath in time with the music before you start to sing.

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2. Know your basic techniques

Once you are on the performance stage, very little of your energy should focus on the mechanics of singing. You should make sure that you know your song inside out and feel confident in performing it well and concentrate on the deliverance of the song and your lyrics. You may find it helpful to lose yourself completely in your song. Just feel the music, feel the emotion, and try to convey across to your audience. What’s more, you can also move around in time with your music and feel that tension ease.

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1. 在你緊張的時候深呼吸


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2. 了解你的基本技巧


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