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How to deal with stage fright #2

How to deal with stage fright #2


Overcoming Stage Fright

It is very normal to have stage fright even though you have already practiced a lot on stage. So how can you overcome stage fright? No worries! Here are some tips for you !

1. Close your eyes when you feel terrified

You can close your eyes of you feel scared looking at the audience. In another way you can also focus on a point slightly above your audience to pretend you are looking at the audience but actually not.

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2. Drink water to keep your mouth hydrated

Stressful situation will make your mouth feel dry. If you are having this problem, keep a bottle of water handy and swill it around your mouth. Pop a lozenge in your mouth to stimulate the secretion of saliva. This can help if the atmosphere is too dry and smoky.

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即使你已經在舞台上練習了很多,但怯場是很正常的。 那麼你怎麼能克服怯場的問題呢? 別擔心! 這裡有一些提示給你!

1. 試在你感到害怕時閉上眼睛

當你面對因面對觀衆而感到害怕的時候可以閉上眼睛。 另外,您亦可以專注於略高於觀眾頭部的一點,假裝您正在觀看觀眾,但其實并不是。

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2. 喝水以保持口腔水分

當你緊張的時候會令你感覺口乾。 如果您有這個問題,請隨身攜帶一瓶水補充水分。 把水含在嘴裏,以刺激唾液分泌。 如果周圍太乾燥,這可以幫助你補充水分。

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