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What to do if you forgot the lyrics on stage? #2

Forgotten Lyrics #2

忘記歌詞的應對方法 #2

2. Sing randomly

Depending on how quick you can think and your own personality, you could ad-lib or sing totally random words in tune with your song until you find your place. If you are singing a cover of a popular song, you could point the microphone at the audience with the gesture asking them to join to let them help you out !

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3. Put your lyrics on a music stand

Some people would use a music stand to put their lyrics. Remember if you use this method, please print the lyrics in large text so that it would be easier to read from a distance.

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2. 隨機唱歌

根據您的思考速度和自己的個性,您可以隨意或隨機地唱出與您的歌曲相符的隨機單詞,直到你記起歌詞。 如果你正在翻唱一首有名的流行歌曲,你可以將麥克風指向觀眾,並用手勢示意,讓他們加入來幫助你!


有些人會在表演時使用音樂架來擺放自己的歌詞。 如果您使用此方法,請以大文本打印歌詞,以便更容易從遠處閱讀。

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