Backing Track #2

Backing Track #2

背景音軌 #2

There are 3 different backing tracks:

1. Midi Files

Midi files are purely instrumental computer files, either created by a computer or a keyboard. The resulting sound then depends on the sound quality of your equipment that you play back. The good thing about midi files is that they are often found free on the internet, and if you have a computer programme, they are easily key-changed or you can change the instruments. The downside is that they don’t always sound good.

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2. Karaoke Tracks

Karaoke tracks are very popular with amateur singers, but they don’t always have the sound quality needed for a more professional sound. The discs are known as CD+G which, when plugged into a CD+G player will display the lyrics on a TV screen in time with the music.

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3. Audio Tracks

Audio tracks usually have a better quality of sound recording, often using real instruments and recorded in stereo. They often have a performance end, in that they don’t fade at the end of the track. These tracks are not easily key-changed or have instruments changed, but there are many studios offering these services in addition to the backing tracks they produce.

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1. Midi檔案


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2. 卡拉OK曲目

卡拉OK曲目非常受業餘歌手的歡迎,但它們並不總是具有更專業的聲音所需的音質。這些光盤被稱為CD + G,當插入CD + G播放器時,它將在電視屏幕上及時顯示音樂。

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3. 音軌


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