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8 Vocal Techniques to be a better voice #4

8 Vocal Techniques to be a better voice #4

8個令聲音更悅耳的歌唱技巧 #4

All of us have a singing voice, but not everyone has developed proper vocal techniques in order to be sure where to find or how to use that voice. If you have ever considered yourself a “less talented” singer, don’t worry ! Have a look of the following tips !

Vocal Tip 4: Drink Water

Some think that gargling water can hydrate the vocal cords. The truth is that the no food or water comes in contact with them as they are located in your windpipe. When liquid goes down, the automatic flap called the epiglottis closes to protect your lungs from being filled with water. This also covers the vocal cord every time you take a drink.

What happens when you get water in your windpipe? It causes a choking gag reflex. So really, the only way to hydrate your vocal cords is to drink water. Why lots? It is because the water has to enter your stomach and your vocal cords are supplied. Remember to also avoid smoking and foods or liquids that dehydrate the body !

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若果你的氣管裡有水時會發生什麼? 它會引起窒息的嘔吐反射動作。 所以真的,給聲帶補水的唯一方法就是喝水。 為什麼是要喝很多水? 這是因為水必須進入你的胃部,從而讓水輸送到你的聲帶作水分補給。 記住還要避免吸煙,以及讓身體脫水的食物或液體!

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