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Guide to singing styles and music genre - Rock

Rock - Guide to singing styles and music genre

搖滾 - 歌唱風格和音樂類型指南

There are so many different singing styles and genres out there — how do you keep track of them? What are the best vocal exercises for singers of each genre? Here is the guide !

Rock Music

You might be surprised to learn that rock is a grandchild of the blues. After it became heavier and more dance-ably rhythmic, the music began to “rock” — and rock and roll was born! It grew up to become rougher and edgier, and now, rock vocal sounds are as diverse as in any other genre.

Today, rock singers include voices as different as Adam Lambert, Tom Araya of Slayer, James Hetfield of Metallica, and Bono of U2. But that rougher and edgier part of rock has to be, at least in some ways, a defining characteristic of the rock voice. Otherwise, it might be confused with an adult contemporary or pop voice.

Tips & Vocal Exercises for Rock Singers
  • Try out different vocal flairs, like a little growling or vocal fry at the end of song sections, but don’t overdo it.

  • Get comfortable singing a huge range of dynamics, from whispers (used sparingly for the health of your voice) to healthy, supported shouting.

  • Don’t be afraid of your own vibrato.

Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :

世界上有很多不同的歌唱風格和流派,你如何追崇它們? 不同音樂風格的歌手又應該如何去練習呢?想知道的話請繼續看下去吧!


你可能會驚訝地發現搖滾是藍調的孫子。在它變得更有重量,更有舞蹈節奏之後,音樂開始“搖滾” - 之後搖滾樂便誕生了!它變得越來越粗糙,現在,搖滾聲樂的聲音和任何其他類型一樣多種多樣。

今天,搖滾歌手的聲音與Adam Lambert,Slayer的Tom Araya,Metallica的James Hetfield和U2的Bono不同。但是,至少在某種程度上,搖滾的粗糙和前衛部分必須是搖滾聲音的一個明確特徵。否則,它可能會與當代成人或流行音樂混淆。


  • 嘗試不同的聲樂風格,如歌曲部分末尾的一點咆哮或聲音魚苗,但不要過度。

  • 從耳語(用於保持健康的聲音)到健康,支持的吶喊,可以輕鬆演唱各種各樣的動態。

  • 不要害怕你自己的顫音。

Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :

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