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Guide to singing styles and music genre - Country

Country - Guide to singing styles and music genre

鄉村 - 歌唱風格和音樂類型指南

An overly simple way to think of the country genre is fancy folk (read: glossy folk pop). But it’s had quite a history through the years, having evolved from Appalachian mountain music, southern blues, country-western and what’s called “honky-tonk.”

I recommending listening to many different country voices so that you don’t get into the trap of imitating only the big voices. Think about how different Carrie Underwood’s voice is from Miranda Lambert’s. Check out the differences between Hank Williams, Jr. and Luke Bryan. And listen to classic singers like Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline.

Tips & Vocal Exercises for Country Singers
  • Don’t force a “country” accent. If you listen to a lot of country music, then over time, a natural twang will come when you sing.

  • Become familiar with great storytelling; that’s where country comes from! Listen to professional storytellers on YouTube.

  • Be willing to wear your heart on your sleeve. Audiences love when country singers share their feelings, and your credibility is based on your ability to be genuine.

Famous Singers: George Jones,Carrie Underwood,Loretta Lynn

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世界上有很多不同的歌唱風格和流派,你如何追崇它們? 不同音樂風格的歌手又應該如何去練習呢?想知道的話請繼續看下去吧!


我建議聆聽許多不同國家的聲音,這樣你就不會陷入模仿大聲的陷阱。想想Carrie Underwood的聲音與Miranda Lambert的不同之處。看看Hank Williams,Jr。和Luke Bryan之間的區別。並傾聽像Dolly Parton和Patsy Cline這樣的經典歌手。


  • 不要強行唱出“鄉村”口音。如果你聽了很多鄉村音樂,那麼隨著時間的推移,當你唱歌時會有一種自然的聲音。

  • 熟悉精彩的故事情節;這就是國家的來源!在YouTube上收聽專業的故事講述者。

  • 當鄉村歌手分享他們的感受時,觀眾會喜歡,而你的可信度則取決於你的真實能力。

著名歌手:George Jones,Carrie Underwood,Loretta Lynn

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