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The danger of singing too much

The danger of singing too much


Have you ever eaten too much that makes you feel ill? This applies to singing as well! Singing could be one of the most enjoyable activities in the world. But just like eating too much makes you feel sick, singing too much has very real physical repercussions that can prevent you from singing more — sometimes even permanently.

What will happen if you sing too much?

Since your vocal cords are a part of your body, singing too much has many of the same effects as overusing any other body part.

The first step is vocal cord swelling. If you continue to sing with swollen or strained vocal cords, you can develop nodules (calluses), polyps (blisters), or hemorrhaging (bloody cords). Treatment for these issues includes vocal rest, vocal therapy, and, in severe cases, surgery. Any of these issues, if not treated, can permanently damage your singing and speaking voice.

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你有試過因為吃太多而感覺不舒服嗎? 這也適用於唱歌! 唱歌可能是世界上最令人愉快的活動之一, 但就像吃得太多會讓你感到噁心,唱得太多會產生非常真實的身體反應,會對你的聲帶造成傷害 - 有時甚至是永久性的。



第一步是聲帶腫脹。 如果你繼續用腫脹或緊張的聲帶唱歌,你的聲帶會長處結節(老繭),息肉(水皰)或出血(聲帶出血)。 對這些問題的治療包括聲帶休息,聲帶治療,以及在嚴重的情況下,手術。 任何這些問題,如果不加以處理,都會永久性地損害您的歌唱和說話聲音。

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