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How to maintain your vocal health ? #5

How to maintain your vocal health ? #5


Because your voice is a part of your body rather than an external instrument, it is vital that you keep yourself healthy in order to consistently sing at your best. If your voice is "broken" you unfortunately can't go out and purchase another! Here are some tips to maintain your vocal health !

9 . Get flexy with your shoulder and neck muscles

The muscles in the shoulders and neck impact on our throats and any tightness or tension you have there can lead to tension in your throat. Simple daily stretches will help release this tension.

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10 . Sleep it up!

Have efficient sleep.You'll know how much sleep makes you feel well rested, now make sure you get it!

Especially make sure that you get a great night's sleep before a performance in order to guarantee high energy levels and alertness. Your immune system will also thank you.

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因為你的聲音是你身體的一部分而不是樂器,所以保持自己的健康是至關重要,這樣才能保持最佳狀態。 如果你的聲音欠佳的,很遺憾不能出去購買另一個! 以下是保持聲音健康的一些提示!

9. 適應肩部和頸部肌肉

肩膀和頸部的肌肉會影響我們的喉嚨,任何緊張或緊張都會導致喉嚨緊張。 簡單的每日伸展將有助於釋放這種緊張。

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10. 要有充分的睡眠



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