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How to sing with more emotions and techniques #1

How to sing with more emotions and techniques #1


A singer always have to handle two things while singing. One is technique, and the other one is emotion. When you focus too much on technique, the emotion suffers. When you focus too much on emotion, technique falls flat. The goal is balance, but how? Here are some tips !

1. Marking

Marking is a technique for rehearsing in a light voice. It is a powerful technique that trains the voice to accurately execute the intervals of the melody line and find the center of pitch without strain. When you rehearse a song this way, you will perform with greater ease and better pitch. When a singer only rehearses at the same volume they perform with, it programs the wrong movements into the voice’s muscle memory. This reinforces bad form and singing off pitch.

Sing through the song lightly but with a focused sound. A focused sound means a clear sound that is not breathy or pushed. During your practice try to be as accurate pitch wise as you can. Use your ear to match the pitch and don’t worry about the quality of your sound until you can execute the pitch perfectly. Then try to get a good small and clear sound. You may switch early into head or falsetto, don’t be distracted by that. Just continue to execute perfect pitch.

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