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How to sing with more emotions and techniques #3

How to sing with more emotions and techniques #3


A singer always have to handle two things while singing. One is technique, and the other one is emotion. When you focus too much on technique, the emotion suffers. When you focus too much on emotion, technique falls flat. The goal is balance, but how? Here are some tips !

3. Putting More Soul & Emotion in Your Voice.

This process develops a stronger sense of rhythm which leads to more emotion. It develops a singer’s soulfulness and makes the song ‘feel good’.

  • Tap out the beat of the song with your foot. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 . Focus on centering the beat perfectly. Do not tap early or late. Get in sync with the rhythm. This seems to be easy, but rarely is. Most people’s sense of rhythm is either early or late.

  • Sing the song and clap your hands together for each syllable, every word and note. Be sure to be EXACT. Do not miss anything. Notice where you are off and go over it until it is right.

  • Combine step one and two. Be exact and workover trouble spots by slowing the rhythm down until you can get up to speed without losing the rhythm.

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這個過程產生更強烈的節奏感,從而產生更多的情感。 它培養了歌手的靈魂,使歌曲“感覺良好”。

  • 用腳敲擊歌曲的節拍。 1 - 2 - 3 - 4。 專注於完美控制節拍。 不要早點或晚點。 與節奏保持同步。 這似乎很容易,但其實很難。 大多數人的節奏感是早或晚。

  • 唱這首歌並在每個音節,每個單詞和音符拍手。 一定要精確。 不要錯過任何東西。 注意你在哪裡,然後重複跟著節奏拍手直到它是正確的。

  • 結合第一步和第二步。 通過減慢節奏來確定並修復故障點,直到你可以在不失去節奏的情況下加速。

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