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How to hit high notes when singing #2

How to hit high notes when singing #2

如何唱出高音 #2

It takes practice to sing high note, but how to hit those notes without straining your voice? Follow the steps below and start working towards hitting those high notes cleanly, every time.

2. Breathe

Breathing is an important part of learning how to sing high notes without straining your voice.

The important thing to remember is that you do not need more breath to hit higher notes. But, you do need to have good breath support in order to create a clean, projected sound.

  • Place your hand on your diaphragm (directly above your stomach) and practice taking big deep breaths while staying in a relaxed standing position.

  • Remember you do not need to raise your shoulders to take a deep breath. Pull the breath in from your stomach, NOT the top of your chest.

  • Take a few large breaths and feel your diaphragm expand.

  • Now slowly release the breath on a “shhhhh” sound. Try to do this without having any breaks in the breath. Release a slow, clean, constant shhhhh until you no longer have enough breath to make sound.

This exercise teaches you to have the breath to cleanly support your sound – without needing to push. The more aware of your diaphragm you are, the more you come to realize that a big clear sound does not come from raising your shoulders and puffing out your chest. But from having a strong control of your diaphragm.

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2. 呼吸


  • 要記住的重要一點是,你不需要更多的呼吸來打高音。但是,你需要有良好的呼吸支持才能產生乾淨的投射聲音。

  • 將手放在隔膜上(直接放在胃部上方)並練習深呼吸,同時保持放鬆的站立姿勢。

  • 記住,你不需要抬起肩膀深呼吸。從胃裡吸入呼吸,而不是胸部的頂部。

  • 做幾次大呼吸,感覺你的橫膈膜擴張。現在以“shhhh”的聲音緩慢釋放呼吸。試著這樣做,不要在呼吸中有任何中斷。釋放一個緩慢,乾淨,恆定的shhhhh,直到你不再有足夠的呼吸來發出聲音。

這個練習教你呼吸清潔地支持你的聲音 - 無需推動。你越了解自己的橫膈膜,你就會越多地意識到,抬高肩膀和膨脹胸部並不能產生清晰的聲音。但是對你的隔膜有很強的控制力。

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