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How to hit high notes when singing #3

How to hit high notes when singing #3

如何唱出高音 #3

It takes practice to sing high note, but how to hit those notes without straining your voice? Follow the steps below and start working towards hitting those high notes cleanly, every time.

3. Sing higher notes effortlessly in your vocal warm up

Start by humming a “mmmmm” sound. Be aware of where you are making the sound resonate in your head. A clean full sound should be projected forward, and should resonate in your sinuses around your nose and forehead.

At the bottom of your range start by singing a note on an mmm sound then open your mouth to an “ahhhh” sound. “mmmmmmm-aaaahhhhhh”. Keep the same feeling of resonance in your head for both the mmm and the open ahhh sounds.

Continue to move up the scale repeating the mmmm aahhhh until you reach your vocal break. Even at your break where you need to change into head voice, try and keep an even, clear tone. Work on having a clean switch between the two.

Move higher up the scale in your head voice until you hit the top of your range. Focus not on how high the note is, but on creating the resonance in your head.

Forget the note and focus on a clean crisp sound and resonance as you move up the scale.

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3. 在你的聲樂熱身中毫不費力地唱高音

首先哼唱“mmmmm”聲音。 注意你的聲音會在你的腦海中產生共鳴。 一個乾淨的聲音應該向前投射,並且應該在鼻子和額頭周圍的鼻竇中產生共鳴。

在你的範圍的底部開始唱一個mmm聲音的音符,然後張開嘴聽到“啊聲”。“MMMMMMM-aaaahhhhhh”。 對於mmm和開放的聲音,你的頭部保持同樣的共鳴感。

繼續向上移動重複mmmm aahhhh的音階,直到你達到你的聲音休息時間。 即使在您需要改變為頭部聲音的休息時間,也要嘗試保持均勻,清晰的音調。 努力在兩者之間進行乾淨的切換。

在你的頭部聲音中向上移動,直到你達到你的範圍的頂部。 不僅要關注音符的高度,還要注意在腦海中產生共鳴。


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